My high school art teacher was truly my mentor.  She greatly influenced and encouraged me to stretch my imagination.  After winning a scholarship to attend summer classes at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale following my junior year in high school, there was no doubt in my mind that I would pursue art.  I was an Illinois State Scholar which did enable me to attend university, where I received a BA in studio art with an emphasis on pottery and print making. 

Unfortunately a bump in the road detoured me from following my dream of being an artist for quite a long time.  But my good sense finally got the better of me and I once again began taking pottery classes.  Recently I was able to convert my garage into a studio where I practice my art whenever possible.

When I joined Arizona Clay Association I met so many talented artists and their work really gave me the encouragement I needed to get going in my own direction.  I was fortunate to be their Treasurer from 2003-2005 and their President in 2006.

 Artist Statement

I have always been intrigued by the bottle form.  To me it symbolizes mystery.  What does it hold inside? This form, when combined with a naked raku (or slip resist) finish, really took me in the direction I am currently headed.  This process ultimately leaves only smoke as the final finish.  My “soft” bottles are wheel thrown, altered, and burnished.  Some of the bottles have stoppers, some have spouts, some just have holes.  Lately they have developed legs, arms, or tails.  They are very sensual to hold.  Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to capture the sound of the ocean or the smell of a flower inside each one.